A Mad Tea Party by MAYUKO ENDO - Shirts


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A Mad Tea Party by MAYUKO ENDO - Shirts

Mayuko's Website http://endoh-mayuko.com

Tumblr http://mayuko-endoh.tumblr.com

Born in Saitama, Japan, Mayuko Endoh is a Japanese illustrator. Her forte is using pen and pencil to make illustration. She is very much inspired by wild fantastic worlds, fear, yearning and movies. Her favorite artists are; Tento Mishima/Akira Uno/Yoshiharu Tsuge/Suehiro Maruo/Masayuki Ogisu/Klaus Haapaniemi/George Barbier/Takeshi Kitano/Shuji Terayama/Eiko Ishioka/Yohei Taneda/David Lynch/Wim Wenders/Jan Svankmajer/Jim Jarmusch. She believes art lives in the details, and hopes people can enjoy her world through her art.

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